About Us

We at THE WINE BAR believe:

You don’t need a master’s degree to enjoy a great glass of wine.

Picking a wine should not mean having to sift through 100 page wine lists or feeling silly because you have no idea how to pronounce Gewurztraminer. Don’t worry; neither do we half the time. Our spell check didn’t even know how to spell it!

Just like your neighborhood wine bar, ours is designed to make learning about wine fun and approachable!

Don’t know how to describe what you like? No problem, simply browse By Style.

Not sure what to serve with that Chardonnay? Check out our snack and recipe pairings.

Want to discover a new brand? We’ve got you covered; just pick the name or bottle that looks the most appealing. Don’t worry we won’t judge, its how we shop too.

Is the wine spritzer really dead? We don’t think so, but it did need quite a makeover. Check out our wine cocktails.

Bottom Line:
We created The Wine Bar for you. So take a seat and click around: find a new varietal to try, a fun recipe to whip up or even a new wine cocktail to enjoy.